eLearning Forum Asia 2009

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Event Stories

Traditional Chinese Version
Event Story No.1 香港城市大學致力推動全球e-教學論壇
Event Story No.2 香港城市大學跨地域論壇推動e-教學
Event Story No.3 教育軟件供應商Blackboard以創新科技改革學習
Event Story No.4 各地大學均以e-工具提升教與學
Event Story No.5 香港中學受益於e-教學
Event Story No.6 “互動參與”為香港城市大學的e-教學定位
Event Story No.7 e-教學工具為語言學習帶來革命
Event Story No.8 社交學習平台鼓勵集體智慧
Event Story No.9 大學利用e-檔案促進學生思考
Event Story No.10 中台e-教學合作的進展
English Version
Event Story No.1 City University of Hong Kong (CityU) galvanizes e-learning efforts with regional conference
Event Story No.2 City University’s regional conference brings importance of e-learning to the fore
Event Story No.3 Innovative US Education Software Provider Blackboard Transforms Learning
Event Story No.4 Universities Eyeing e-Tools to Enhance Learning and Teaching
Event Story No.5 Secondary Schools in Hong Kong See Benefits of e-Learning
Event Story No.6 Engagement Defining City University’s e-Learning Initiatives
Event Story No.7 e-Learning Tools Revolutionize Language Acquisition Process
Event Story No.8 Universities Use Social Learning Platforms to Boost Collective Intelligence
Event Story No.9 Universities Champion e-Portfolios to Help Facilitate Student Reflection
Event Story No.10 China and Taiwan Make Headway in e-Learning Collaboration