eLearning Forum Asia 2009

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Welcome Message and Address by Officiating Guests

Welcome Address by President

Speaker: Professor Way Kuo

Professor Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor
City University of Hong Kong

President's speech in English

Welcome note from President at e-Learning Forum Asia 2009 - Prof Way Kuo

Welcome to City University of Hong Kong and the e-Learning Forum Asia 2009. Instigated in 2006 by CityU and its partner institutions in Singapore and Taiwan, this annual event has become a preeminent forum examining issues of specific relevance to Asian educators and institutions.

Technology is essential to teaching and learning in the 21st century, not only bringing together students and teachers but also helping to forge international relationships between researchers, teachers and universities around the world.

In three short years since the inaugural forum, the e-Learning environment has developed at an exponential rate. By getting together for this forum, one of the celebratory events of CityU’s 25th Anniversary, the continued development and improvement of e-Learning is assured.


Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor

Address by Officiating Guest

Speaker: Dr Zhijian Yang

Dr Zhijian Yang
Deputy Director-General
Department of Higher Education
Ministry of Education
The People's Republic of China

Dr. Yang's speech in English

Dr. Yang's speech in Chinese


Address by Officiating Guest

Speaker: Dr Ka Ki Chan

Dr Ka Ki Chan
Deputy Secretary for Education
Education Bureau
The Government of the HKSAR

Dr Catherine K K Chan was appointed Deputy Secretary for Education in October 2008. She was previously Principal Assistant Secretary and Head of Curriculum Development Institute of the EDB, and has been responsible for formulating policies related to curriculum development of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. Before joining the government in 1998, Dr Chan was Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong. Her areas of research interest include curriculum policies, design and evaluation as well as teacher education. Dr Chan has played a key role in leading the curriculum reform, and the design and strategies to implement the new senior secondary academic structure that will start in 2009.

Information literacy becomes increasingly important for our students to be become effective learners. In this knowledge era, students are now expected to be both competent and enjoyable in engaging a wide range of learning activities that involve electronic means and tools.

The existing “IT in Education Strategy” launched by Education Bureau since 1998, has been progressed from infrastructure building to integrating IT into everyday teaching practices in Hong Kong classrooms. Using the right technology at the right time for appropriate learning task is crucial in yielding quality student learning and is indeed the current emphasis of the Strategy.

In line with the success of the above strategy, there are many schools that have made good use of e-Learning platforms to facilitate online learning and to cultivate learning communities. Schoolbased initiatives to promote reflection on students’ own learning and personal development through ePortfolios and Student Profiles were also pioneered.

Finally, I wish the e-Learning Forum 2009 every success and sincerely wish every participant could seize the opportunity to build meaningful global learning networks to promote good practices, innovations and researches in this exciting area in education.