Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

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Oral Presentations

  • The author(s) will be required to deliver an oral presentation of their project/research work on the conference day. Please bring along a soft copy of your presentation in a USB thumb drive. We strongly recommend bringing a back-up or emailing yourself a copy in advance in case of technical problems.
  • You will be allocated a 20-minute slot, please manage your time well. We suggest aiming for a 15 to 17 minutes presentation, so that there will be time for Question and Answer. Your presentation should be interesting, informative, well-paced and lively.


Poster Presentations

  • The paper posters will be placed in the display area and the poster presenters will respond to queries about their project work/research findings during the poster session of the conference.
  • The poster should be prepared in ISO A0 size at 841mm (Width) X 1200mm (Height) and brought to the conference by the presenters.
  • Presenters are required to affix their poster to the display panel.


Further Inquiries / Being a Session Chair

If you wish to be a Session Chair, please email your request to and indicate your area of expertise and interested topic areas.