Tainan was Taiwan’s political and military center from 1624 to 1885. It has been a gateway to Taiwan since the Dutch colonial period, and was flourished through the Zheng’s regime and the Qing dynasty. During the maritime age to the expansion development of early Han Chinese settlements lived in this island, Tainan played a significant role in the historical development of Taiwan.

The start of Tainan development was occurred in 1624 while referring Dutch (VOC) Company arrived Taiwan and build Fort Zeelandia in An-ping to defended the Taijang Inner Sea as political and military center. Later, Tainan began to emerge dramatically development in 1662 when Ming loyalist Koxinga(Zheng) make agreement to Dutch (VOC) Company left Tainan and bring Han civilization and culture.

By the end of 17 century, in 1683, the navy of the Qing dynasty led by General Shih Lang landed in Tainan and forced Zheng Ke-shung (grandson to Koxinga), to surrender. In 1684, the Qing government once again named Tainan as the capital of Taiwan. The heyday of Tainan terminated in 1885 when Taiwan became an official province of China. Nevertheless, Tainan’s legacy has left it with a large number of cultural properties and historical heritages with various architectural design. Since the upgrade of Tainan City on 25th of Dec. 2010, the previous Tainan city and Tainan county merged and known as the Great Tainan City.

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