eLearning Forum Asia

The first eLearning Forum Asia conference was held in 2006 in Hong Kong to promote and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience in the application of information technology to student learning. Since then, with the support from industry and service providers of eLearning applications and solutions, the Forums had been held annually in turn in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, and Singapore. Over the years, the Forum had been attracting an increasing level of participation from around the region and is fast becoming a major event for the Asian educational community.
To facilitate the organizing of future Forums in different countries, eLearning Forum Asia (eLFAsia) has now been registered as a non-profit organization in Hong Kong.


The mission of eLFAsia is to advance the application of information technology in teaching and learning, with special emphasis on the opportunities and challenges faced by institutions in the Asian region.


As an organization positioned primarily to advance education through the use of information technology in Asia, our corporate governance structure reflects the need for a balanced representation by dividing the organization into a number of regional chapters. Each regional chapter will take turn to host the annual eLFAsia conference. In addition, each regional chapter can sponsor and organize local activities and events tailored to meeting the needs of its own community.
Each regional chapter can elect its own governing board. The chapter governing board can nominate a maximum of two persons to serve on the ELFA Board of Directors. Separately, the eLFAsia Board of Directors can also nominate individuals to become board members.
The Annual General Meeting will oversee the election of all directors each year.