Taxi Service Hotline and Telephone Numbers

Beijing Taxi Dispatching Center 6873-3399
Beijing Yinjian Company 9-6103
Basic Tariff

  Day (5:00am – 22:59pm) Night (23:00pm – 4:59am)
Flag-fall price (an initial distance of 3km) RMB 10  RMB 11
Per subsequent km (up to 15km)  RMB 2  RMB 2.4
Per subsequent km (for distances over 15km)  RMB 3  RMB 3.6
Every 5 minutes for speed below 12 km/h  RMB 2 or RMB 3  RMB 2.4 or RMB 3.6

Booking Fee

Service charge for booking taxi by phone                   RMB 3

Road toll and bridge toll will be borne by passengers


For route chart on vehicles and buses: