25 April 2012 (Wednesday)

  8.00am onwards
Registration Desks Opens & Light Breakfast Hotel Lobby & Exhibition Area
  9.00am – 9.15am
Opening Address – Peking University, Mainland China Main Hall
  9.15am – 10.00am

Keynote Session 1 – 祝智庭 教授 (Prof. Zhu Zhi Ting), East China Normal University, Mainland China

Topic: 国际观察与国内动态 (Latest Development of Education Informationalization: International and Domestic Observations)

Main Hall
  10.00am – 10.45am

Plenary Session 1 – Mr. ONG Chee Ming, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore

Topic: Bridging the Gap between Educators and Social Media

Main Hall     
  10.45am – 11.15am


Exhibition Area
  11.15am – 12.00am

Plenary Session 2 – Prof. Doug VOGEL, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Topic: The Learning Impact of Social Networking

Main Hall
  12.00pm – 12.45pm

Plenary Session 3 – Ms. Leah Parsons SIMPSON, University of Kentucky, USA

Topic: Using Technology to Manage Large-Scale Assessment 

Main Hall
  12.45pm – 1.45pm


Hotel Lobby
  1.45pm – 3.45pm

BREAKOUT SESSION 1*                

Session 1A – Innovation in Education

Are we making a difference? Designing an impact study for technological innovations in education

Dr. Josephine M CSETE,  Dr. David Ian BROWN, Mr. Green LUK, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong


With incorporating more and more technologies to meet the needs of the next generation learners, how can we best manage these changes with our faculty?

Dr. Claudia MYRICK, Belmont University, USA


Policy and Incentives to Support the Development of Higher-order Online Learning Designs

Prof. Carmel MCNAUGHT, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


“The whole is more powerful than the sum of the parts”:  eLearn at the Canberra Institute of Technology

Ms. Jaci GANENDRAN, Canberra Institute of Technology, Australia


Main Hall

Session 1B – Collaborative Learning

Case Study of Mass Collaboration Based on  1Kgbox  Learning Project

Mr. ZHUANG Xiuli, Beijing Normal University, Mainland China


Web Based Portfolio: An Approach to Support Collaboration Learning Experience

Ms. TENG Sok Hooi, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Malaysia


Teaching (Bio)Statistics with Group Tools in an Undergraduate Course

Ms. Ninia Inoncillo CALACA, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines


协同学习环境搭建案例研究  Case study of cooperative study environment

任善恂 先生 (Mr. REN Shanxun), 何彦彬 先生 (Mr. HE Yanbin), 任虹宇 先生 (Mr. REN Hongyu), 彭云帆 先生(Mr. PENG Yunfan), 徐涛 先生 (Mr. XU Tao), Yunnan University, Mainland China

Breakout Room 1

Session 1C – Empowering Educators

Making self-directed learning happening by online edutainment English learning Environment

孙众 先生 (Mr. SUN Zhong), Capital Normal University, Mainland China

From technophobes to tech explorers – How did we do it?

Ms. Serena CHEONG, Mr. Benedict CHIA, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore


Virtual Field Trip for Teaching and Learning

Dr. Jaitip NA-SONGKHLA, Ms. Shu-Hsiang CHEN, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand  


“微时代”的教育技术培训  (Education technology training in the “micro era”)

唐海燕 女仕 (Ms. TANG Haiyan), Beijing Language Culture University, Mainland China

Breakout    Room 2

Session 1D – Emerging Technologies & Applications

Constructing and Applying of SecondLife Based Community of Practice for Teachers

Dr. Geping LIU, Southwest University, Mainland China


Learning Experiments in Virtual Mode Through 3D Visualisation

Prof. P. K. GARG, Dr. R. D. GARG, Indian Institute of Technology, India


Smartphone filming – Media creation made easy

Mr. Jack SHUO, Ms. Serena CHEONG, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore


数位媒体汇流传播学习挑战及愿景 – 以世新大学为  (Challenges and vision for digital media communication convergence – A Case Study of Shih Hsin University)

李佳玲 女仕 (Ms. J. L. LEE), 蔡念中 先生 (Mr. Nelson TSAI), Shih Hsin University

Breakout Room 3
  3.45pm – 4.15pm


Exhibition Area
  4.15pm – 5.45pm


Session 2A – Assessment

Academic Integrity: Plagiarism Management in Context

Assoc. Prof. Daniel TAN, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Using Grading Analytics to improve student learning

Dr. Cath ELLIS, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom


Outcomes-based Teaching & Learning Evidenced: The Role of Electronic Journal Writing to Motivate Student Learning

Dr. Tushar CHAUDHURI, Dr. Eva WONG, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


Main Hall

Session 2B – Classroom Technology

A Short Message-based Classroom Response System and a Non-linear Presentation Tool

Mr. ZHUO Qing, Tsinghua University, Mainland China


Using clickers in large-size classes to engage students in self-reflection and peer instruction

Prof. Isabella POON, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Impending doom of clickers?

Ms. Theresa LIM, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Breakout Room 1

Session 2C – Cloud Infrastructure and Learning Environment

开放式课程运动形成的学习云 (Cloud learning environment  created as a result of OpenCourseWare Initiatives)

李威仪 教授 (Prof. Wei-I LEE), National Chiao Tung University


上海数字化终身云学习平台的设计及其应用  The Design and Application of Shanghai Digital Lifelong Learning System Based on Cloud Computing

肖君 先生 (Mr. XIAO Jun), Shanghai Distance Education Group, Mainland China


基于无线云计算的医学教育网络平台的设计和教学实验  Construction and application of a medical learning system based on Mobile Cloud Computing

谷绥庆 先生 (Mr. GU Suiqing), Hebei Medical University, Mainland China

Breakout Room 2

Session 2D – Social and Collaborative Learning

探究在线学习共同体中的知识创新:以《教育技术研究方法》课程为例  (Explore the knowledge innovation in online learning community: A case study of “Educational technology research methods”)

詹青龙 先生 (Mr. Qinglong ZHAN), Tianjin University of Technology and Education, Mainland China


Empowering Educators through Collaborative Practices

Mr. LEE Yik Sheng, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Malaysia


Professor 2.0 in the social media class, a textbook co-authoring experimentation with students.

Mr. Marc AUGIER, SKEMA China Center, Mainland China

Breakout Rooms 

End of Day 1 / Assembly for event 

Main Hall
  6.00pm – 10.00pm eLearning Forum Asia Community Dinner#


* Note: Duration for each presentation in the Breakout Sessions will be 20 minutes. There will be a 10 mins Q&A that all speakers should be around to  answer any questions, ie. Speakers are expected to stay throughout their allocated breakout session.

# Delegates should indicate they are attending the social event during online registration, or subsequently through emails.   Please note that we are unable to accept last-minute registrations during the conference days as the tickets are pre-booked.   Kindly confirm your attendance/participation at the registration table.