Capturing Web Knowledge for Efficient Learning and Sharing

Clement Leung

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong



The Web is a vast reservoir of resources, information, and knowledge. Unlike static printed text, which has been the main vehicle in the representation and transmission of knowledge in the past few centuries, Web-based knowledge is dynamic, up-to-date and easily accessible. Thus, the ability to capture such knowledge for review, sharing, and other educational purposes has become a vital element in the e-Learning process. Here, we shall examine mechanisms for achieving such purposes, and share the experience of using the innovative tool QuoteRed. Although QuoteRed has applications that go beyond a course-room context, such as serving as a recommendation-based search engine, product evaluation tool, and for promotion of events and activities, it is found to be particularly useful in (i) individual independent studies on a topic,  (ii) the dissemination of ideas and insights, and (iii) outcomes assessment for quality assurance. QuoteRed allows the easy capturing and sharing of Web-based knowledge and wisdom, enabling students to learn from their peers and lecturers by reading what they quote, as well as enabling them to collect relevant Web resources for further review and deeper study. Since the number and quality of a student’s readings would have a strong correlation with how much they learn, this tool can also be effectively deployed to obtain evidence of student progress. As the saved quotes have already undergone a process of human assessment and manual evaluation, there is an implicit element of collaborative filtering and human recommendation. Moreover, through tagging and commenting, QuoteRed is especially useful for collaborative work and group projects.

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