Lecture Capture as a Tool for Assessment of Learning: Promising Practices and Lessons Learnt

John Powers
Kendall Yan

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong



In a world that relies increasingly on technology such as text messaging in place of face-to-face communication, the art of speaking in front of an audience, or what we more commonly term as public speaking, appears to be a neglected skill in the modern age. However, because we live in a world where we are overwhelmed with content, communicating information in a way that is accessible to others is more imperative today than ever before. This presentation aims to report on the issues related to the architecture, technical setup, implementation and utilisation of a video capture system that makes teaching public speaking easier and facilitates student acquisition of both the beginning and advanced public speaking practices and techniques. This system enables students to self-evaluate and reflect on their public speaking skills in a public speaking course offered by Hong Kong Baptist University. The system is currently being used to support students in their Public Speaking course to make adjustments to pace, intonation, and overall presentation style. In assessing their own presentations online by means of the system, students become progressively more proficient in observing verbal and physical cues and carrying out the requisite adjustments as necessary to enhance and augment their performance. This presentation further addresses promising practices, lessons learnt and challenges for a path towards an extended and comprehensive implementation of the system, both for the purposes of video capture and as an assessment tool.

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