Chinese Medicine Digital Project: an innovative tool for teaching and learning

Lisa Song
Hubiao Chen
Yiu On Li

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong



Chinese Medicine (CM) Digital Project aims to support teaching & learning and promote open access of CM resources to the world. HKBU School of Chinese Medicine and the Library jointly developed this project which contains a series of CM related subject databases. The project received American Library Association 2012 Presidential Citation for Innovative International Library Projects Award. 

The database implementation demonstrated knowledge and expertise of our multidisciplinary team. The subject professor provided scientific data and authenticated images to assure the quality of data. The librarians used their skills in information management and retrieval to build a powerful searchable database and present quality information in an organized way. The IT specialist investigated and adopted new technology to enhance system performance.

Medicinal Plant Images Database and Chinese Medicinal Material Images Database are two completed databases serving as essential e-learning tools for subject courses of Medicinal Botany and Authentication of Chinese Materia Medica. The DataLink, a bridge between two databases, not only mutually links the related information in record level, but also links the knowledge acquired across subject courses for students.

The innovative digital service enhanced the teaching pedagogy and provided instructors more flexibility in classroom teaching; made visualized comparison easily among plants and herbs; inspired student thinking and activated class atmosphere; provided 24×7 learning environment for students in classroom and self-study after class. The project was highly appraised and used by HKBU students and international CM learners.

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