The Research on the Use Efficiency of Educational Resource Center Based on the Balanced Scoreboard

Jun Xiao
Xiaoxiao Zhu
Yaxing Yu

Shanghai Distance Education Group, China



The educational resource center is a resource management & service system, which gather all kinds of educational resources; it is a necessary support for learning management system. In this research, the research on the use efficiency evaluation model for the educational resource center is given under the balanced scorecard theory, and through a lot of investigation & references from different countries. The use efficiency evaluation model covers dimensions of user, resource center running, development & social impact, and finance. In the research, it is also revealed how, and how much, these four dimensions have impact on each other, thus the comprehensive assessment can be given to the educational resource center, and support for further development can be provided. The performance evaluation model has been applied in the famous “Shanghai Educational Resource Center”; real data is used to get the result on how these dimensions have impact on each other. It is expected to reveal the law on how the educational resource center supports education, and thus to make some improvement in the running of the educational resource center.

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