Effective innovations about online discussion

Liu Ling

Peking University, China



Information technology brings chances and challenges to teaching and learning in University. On the one hand, information is much easier to share and spread; on the other hand, students are becoming more and more lazy to think for themselves. It is very urgent to explore how to use information technology to enhance effective learning.

Effective learning means pedagogic adjustment should be made correspondingly. “Innovation of teaching” is such a program of Peking University. This program started in 2009. Every semester, about 20 teachers participate, totaling 177 teachers by now. During a semester, teachers are offered training, coaching and financal support. Then they redesign their lessons to explore and experiment how to use information technology to enhance effective learning. Here, information technology includes PowerPoint, Flash, video, Course Management System, Interactive Response System and so on. Teachers in this program have had a lot of exploration about using Course Management System, especially online discussion. Some exploration indicates success and some may not be so successful.

This presentation will share some effective innovations designed by teachers in this program, surrounding the topic of online discussion.


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