Outcomes assessment in numeracy courses – experience sharing

Simon Kai-Ming To

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong



With the implementation of the new 4-year curriculum at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), the General Education (GE) program has been established to promote Whole Person Education, providing HKBU students with a wide range of transferable skills. In particular, one of the intended learning outcomes of the GE program focuses on quantitative reasoning, aiming to equip students with appropriate mathematical skills to address problems in everyday life. The assessment of the outcome involves selected numeracy GE courses, with generic rubrics applied on students’ work from different courses. The presentation is an experience sharing the outcomes assessment process via Blackboard Outcomes from a front line teacher’s perspective. It discusses the challenges and benefits that came up in the relatively uncommon practice of using rubrics on coursework with extensive mathematical/quantitative content. The goal of the presentation is to provide some insights on the potential impact of the outcomes assessment process on the teaching and learning activities, both in the aspects of coursework design and teaching practice.

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