Online Smart: eLearning & Evidence Based Practice

Terrence Quong

Jockey Club Ti-I College, Hong Kong
HK Institute of Education, Hong Kong



Online Smart refers to working smarter not harder to improve student achievement.  This paper describes how eLearning is being used to improve student outcomes through evidence based practice in a secondary college in HK.  This study serves as a model for practicing school leaders and an illustration of a principle for educational researchers.  The paper will explore how the college has developed its own unique indices – the Assignment Performance Index (API) and the Quiz Management Index (QMI) – and how these are embedded into its Online Learning Management System.  The paper will report on the success of this system in bringing about student improved outcomes through creating ‘instant’ communications with parents (allowing them to continuously monitor their childrens’ progress online and through feedback), motivating students by enabling them to chart their own progress and plan targeted learning, and persuading teachers that the use of eLearning systems not only enhances student motivation but reduces workload.


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